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(Click image to enlarge) Personalize your own balloons with your INK-JET PRINTER!! NO SET-UP COSTS but your own printer! You do these balloons iat your leisure, and this way you KNOW what  balloons you are getting! Simple, easy and economical! These balloons come in packages of 10, so there are plenty of left-over balloons from that 50th party or surprise birthday party that you want to give! amc branding ( 1-800-866-3810



Pkg. of 10

PORD01 18" Round

1 side confetti design/ 1 side Photo-On


POHT01 18" Foil Hearts

1 side "I Love You"/ 1 side Photo-On


POST01 18" Foil Stars

1 side Gold & Silver Stars/ 1 side Photo-On